coastal kitchen

Create a coastal feel in your kitchen with nautical stripes and touches of blue, paired with soft, earthly tones like ‘White Woodruff’ (408A) on the walls. Our Cultured Coastal Palette from Color Journeys by Para Paints offers up all you need to bring coastal colours inland.

 Try this fresh look. A khaki wall works well to enliven navy and white. Pictured here is walls in ‘Fortress’ (433C).

Bring the feel of summer vacation home with you permanently with your own beach themed home. The most important thing to focus on is the colours you use. This includes furniture pieces, paint and décor. So, this is how to feel like you are living on the beach without living near one.

Paints and Plants:

Blues and white are the most common tones to use when styling your home like the beach. When it comes to blues, it is okay to use something light as well as navies. There are many colours to bring out details that provide the perfect feeling. Small touches of green can also be added to remind you of the tropics. The beach is part of the outdoors so brings some of that in with plants, like lucky bamboo or peace lily for that extra touch.

A Coastal Kitchen:

The best way to bring the beach to the kitchen without getting sand in your food is to paint the walls a subtle colour. Use colourful place mates, curtains and rugs with added bold patterns to complete the look.  Mix and match some rustic or thrifty items such as a weathered wooden table with metal chairs with a blue pillow for comfort. Also, adding fun straws is a simple but drastic feature in your beverages set on the table.

A Beachy Bathroom:

In this setting the bathroom is usually plain white to give you the ability to bring the beach feeling with everything else in the room. If you are looking for a neutral hue install a pebbled shower from the floor to ceiling as an accent. Trying to add a pattered shower curtain can also add a pop. Want to add a personal touch? Make some art out of stone to hang on the wall perhaps from a place you grew up visiting.

Sandy Slumber:

For a quick and easy change in the bedroom add some pillows with the right tones used around the house. To decorate a side table, grab some sand and put it in a jar along with some seashells. Get crafty and find some old wood to create an anchor out of wood to hang above the bed. Hammocks are also a great to bring in.

For a seashore atmosphere, be sure to incorporate lots of wooden accents and the correct colour choices. Style your home for the beach and experience serenity. Enjoy your new vacation destination as you hear the sounds of the ocean possible placed from an online source.