With Spring comes sunny days that can let the outdoor renovations begin and let you get some fresh air. It is okay to feel overwhelmed by the number of projects there might be, but pick one to start and finish to avoid getting overwhelmed.

If you have experienced any leaks in your home from the snow on top of your roof melting or heavy rain fall it is the number one issue, replace it before the problem gets worse. Decisions based on the shingles to use and perhaps a new colour will need to be thought about and if you’re comfortable spending the money to do so. Unless it isn’t doing its job and looks rough you can wait a while to re-shingle your roof.

Next, from the top to the bottom. Take a look out into the yard is there any grass and gardening that needs improvement? Lay sod for an instant results and walkable lawn to use or you could save some money and seed but it you’ll have to do some weeks of waiting. If there is a big patch of dirt with no grass growing that you would like another solution for think about planting a vegetable or flower garden or add some mulch instead.

Building or replacing a fence, although tedious, will change the whole look of your backyard. It also has a purpose of keep kids and pets safe as well as providing privacy. Maybe its old, falling apart or rusty, depending what it is built from. Maybe your fence just needs a little DIY.  A fresh coat of stain or paint is all it needs. Some will-power will be needed for this job, but you would save money by only needing to purchase materials. Just don’t forget to ask your neighbor first.

With the left-over wood from fencing you could build a deck or patio. Create an area to sit and recharge. Whether it’s a space by the pool or in an open section of the grass. Adding a gazebo with a hot tub is the ultimate thing to do.

Having a space for you outdoors is just lovely but being able to share it with family and friends is just as nice. You could install a fire pit to sit around and roast marshmallows or you can build an outdoor kitchen to cook hamburgers, or both. Along with that get a nice table and chairs and add a personal touch with colourful pillows to sit on for dining. If you like hosting this is the perfect chance to turn your yard from an isolation zone to the social hangout you’ve been dreaming of.

The possibilities to upgrade your front or back yard could be endless. Have you considered putting in a fish pond, or a playground for the kids or a chicken coop? Here is your chance.