We all know the effects the sun can have on your skin, but the sun damages your home also because of ultraviolent rays. Keep things looking fresh, just like the summer lemonade tastes you need to stop wood from colour fading, drying out and rotting both indoors and outdoors.


The sun shines on your hard wood flooring all day long, causing darker or lighter spots. To prevent a noticeable change, move your furniture around for even fades. You can also apply varnish, lacquer, polyurethane shellac, wax or oil finishes.

In regards to your windows, laminated or low-e coated glass can filter UV rays but is more expensive. A way to prevent you from needing to replace your windows install a film. It is a cheaper option and can be installed yourself or by a professional and reduces the risks of windows from breaking and filters less heat loss. Otherwise, there are always stylish curtains to hang.  


Armour All, used on plastic in cars also works on vinyl materials around the house such as sidings or gutters. After the sun made it dirty just rub it in for protection, for it to look better, longer. It is a quick one step process which lets you enjoy your day more.

Wooden front doors and decks can also get a touch up. Start by sanding the exterior and add any finish you’d like. It is recommended not to use interior grade-finish because it fades fast. The same can be done to patio furniture.

Another eco friendly tip is to create shadows by planting some trees where the sun lands. Choose one that is fast growing and with broad leaves.

Keep your home attractive by completing these simple task and avoid yourself from cost effective jobs in the long run, it is easier than you think.