Although the weather will be warming up you won’t want to leave that newly appreciated room after these interior design spring upgrades.

What should you tackle for an easy home makeover?  

Start with the small things that require minimal work. Buying something that stands out is always fun. Invest in objects such as other bookcases, picture frames, mirrors or sculptures. Additionally, replace the same bedding you’ve been decorating your bed in for years and get a matching rug.

Also in the bedroom, swap out those miss-matching hangers. To further rearrange your closet, browse CoverUps easy tracks organization systems.

Small changes make a world of difference. It isn’t always about tearing out an entire bathroom or kitchen for a new look, although you sure could.

Move around your furniture, create a new layout you’ve never envisioned as possible.

Bring the outdoors in and add lots of flowers not just for their health benefits but because they make everything look better.

Don’t just decide to paint a room, but think about how you can create a statement in the room with a fresh colour, paint the ceiling with something that pops. You could also use stencils to create patterns on one wall. Remember, bold wallpaper is always an option too.

When choosing the room you want to makeover, think about one you don’t normally use. This will add function and prevent clutter. Usually it’s a garage or office that you can turn into a comfortable spot for lounging or whatever you desire.

Fall in love with the new touch ups that you can show off when you invite your friends for those upcoming pool parties.