This 2018, the colour palettes of the year are all about serenity and its beautiful match with wooden features.

Perhaps, there has been a New Year’s resolution just added to your list or one that’s been written down since, well… forever. Maybe you are planning on moving out and wanting to freshen up your space. If it focuses on renovations or redesigning a room in your home, or just changing some colours around this will help you stay up to date.

Para Paints is the perfect brand and has the trendy colour palettes of the year. Glamour (405 A) looks great with the darker stone Malachite (405 E) and its last combination with White Design (WH 01). Inspired by nature and to create a place to unwind.

These tones can be described as soft and delicate and they provide a relaxed atmosphere. They have been designed to create a calming, Scandinavian style along with a sophisticated serenity. These are neutral tones and are fitting with wood stains such as pickled oak for minimalism or dark walnut which adds a little bit of warmth and luxury.  

Where can you get it? Cover Ups! It is a local seller of Para Paints, in the Wellington township, with one location in Arthur and the other in Fergus.